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应该是Keep it as it is. 其中as it is是方式状语 句子意思:不用管它

保持的意思。need to keep fit需要保持健康。

keep it easy 保持简单 keep it easy 保持简单

keep it secret 这件事要保密. I did something silly yesterday. I'd like to keep it a secret. keep secret 保密,如:Friends should keep secrets. 前者有针对性,后者是普遍性

keep it mello_有道翻译 翻译结果: 保持它的梅洛

keep it for yourself 自己留着用吧 for yourself 为你自己 例句: 1.Well this patient of yours be long in hospital? -Work it out for yourself, he's amillionaire. 你的病人要长期住院吗?—你自己给算算好了,他是个百万富翁呢。 2.There ...

keep it real是正确 因为正确搭配是keep sth. real

keep it low profile 应该翻译成 做人要低调! 常看美国大片就会见到此表达 相对比,高调是 high profile keep a low profile意思是保持低调 例:I was late for work today. I should keep a low profile so the boss doesn't notice. Dave’s k...

to keep it away 让它走 双语对照 例句: 1. Lying in the scanner, the subjects could choose either to allow a box holding the snake tocome closer, or to keep it away. 躺在扫描仪里,受试者可以选择让装有蛇的箱体靠近自己,或把它拿开...

固定搭配。 keep from 阻止; 隐瞒; 免于; 忍住; [例句]I hope you will keep from doing anything rash. 我希望你克制自己不去做任何鲁莽的事。


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