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have in common with 与。。。。共有 双语对照 例句: 1. What comedians have in common with the players in a comedy 喜剧演员和喜剧中的演员的共同点 2. When you're addressing a controversial issue, start by identifying what you have ...

在某方面有相同之处。common:共同点。I like music,Jack likes music too.We have the same interest in common.我和Jack都喜欢音乐,我俩有一样的兴趣

有很多相同之处可以说:have much /a lot in common 有一些共同之处可以说:have something in common 没什么共同之处可以说:have little /nothing in common 以上 均为正确表达。 have a little in common have a few in common have few in c...

不是很明白你要问什么?大概解释一下这句。这实际上是一个常用句子结构,一般主语是sb,have是谓语,sth是宾语,in common是介词短语作sth的后置修饰语(也就是以前的后置定语)with sth是介词短语作状语

意思是:在某方面有相同之处。 造句:What comedians have in common with the players in a comedy. 翻译:喜剧演员和喜剧中的演员的共同点。 1、短语 have nothing in common 毫无共同之处 have something in common 有共同之处 2、原声例句 W...



“命令”的意思 不过,看样子,你的机器可能是中毒了。

have something in common 有共同点 双语对照 词典结果: have something in common [英][hæv ˈsʌmθiŋ in ˈkɔmən][美][hæv ˈsʌmθɪŋ ɪn ˈkɑmən] 有共同之处(或兴趣...

主语i,谓语have,宾语a lot, in commom是a lot 的后置定语, with my sister 是状语


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