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中文翻译为:何时何地、随时随处、随时随地anytime: adv. 1.在任何时候。 2.总是,无例外地,一定。 ...anywhere: adv. 1.无论何处,任何地方。 2.〔口语〕(用于否 ...例句与用法1.Facticity is the root of news , to remember anytime anywher...

backstreet boys-anywhere for you

可以加的。 They should speak English anytime andanywhere. 他们应当随时随地说英语。 Convenience: It can payment at anytime and anywhere that do not affected by any circumstance 方便性:不受任何支付环境的影响,随时随地完成支付

Strade son' cambiate. 归路径途灭 Faccie son' diverse. 人面朱颜改 Era la mia città. 今独还故乡 Non la conosco più. 面目以全非 La ora io sono solo un' estranea 却如异乡客 Senza patria. 片土不沾襟 I remember you were there. 彼时故...

I'll be there anytime,anywhere if you need.

Chris Medina--What Are Words 歌词如下 Anywhere you are, I am near Anywhere you go, I'll be there Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see How every single promise I keep Cuz what kind of guy would I be If I was to leave when you...

语法没问题,但 “不论何时何地” 比较雅致的说法是 at any time and any place 或 whenever and wherever.

anytime 任何时候 anywhere任何地点 anyway总而言之

anyone ['enɪwʌn] pron. 任何人;任何一个 anytime ['enɪtaɪm] adv. 任何时候;无例外地 anywhere ['enɪweə] n. 任何地方 adv. 在任何地方;无论何处 anyway ['enɪweɪ] adv. 无论如何,不管怎样;总之 ...

随时随地 《anytime,anywhere》歌曲名,英国著名跨界音乐女高音歌唱家莎拉布莱曼(Sarah Brightman)演唱作品,来自于专辑《Eden》。首尾旋律取自阿尔比诺尼(贾佐托假阿尔比诺尼之名所作)的Adagio in G minor。中间部分是原创部分。


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