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GonE ArE ThE DAys 歌词

这是一个倒装强调句, 原语序是 the days are gone,那些日子过去了,你可以在后面加从句 比如。 gone are the days that we studied together。

第一个句子是倒装,gone 是形容词,表示过去了第二个句子不能倒装,gone是动词。表语形容词位于句首句子全部倒装。动词不能提前让句子倒装。

是《Old Black Joe》(《老黑奴》)啦~斯蒂芬.福斯特的 英文歌词: Gone are the days When my heart was young and gay Gone are toils Of the cotton fields away Gone to the fields Of a better land, I know I hear those gentle voices ca...

倒装。 The days when people enjoyed swimming in the rivers are gone.


but all good old days are gone

表语提前的倒装还是比较常见,为了避免头重脚轻,,主语的定比较长时使用; such were the facts that they didn't look into the matter. Helping them raise their artistic level are various professorial organizationsVisiting the Great Wall...

Avril Lavigne~~~《When you're gone》 I always needed time on my own 我总是需要自由支配的时间 I never thought 我从未想过 I'd need you there when I cried 在我哭泣的时候会如此得需要你在身边 And the days feel like years 我感到度日...

When You're Gone Album:The Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne I always needed time on my own / 总以为自己一个人独处的时间不够 I never thought I'd need you there when I cried / 从未想过,我伤心的时候会如此需要你 And the days feel li...


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