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All the furniture has arrived, undamaged.正确,undamaged 做状语 except my parents 附属部分 ,谓语动词硬盒 no one 保持一致 No one except my parents knows anything about it 用does是一种省略,代指 receives

1 let's go to the classroom quickly 2 what is the girl doing? 3 the early bird catches worm. 4 which place does wangwei like best? 5 how often i play games with classmate!

1. How many lessons do you have every day?(你一天上几节课?) 2. Very few papils ride bicycles to school.(几乎没有小学生骑车去上学) 3. Thank you for your Christmas card.(谢谢你的圣诞卡片) 4. Could you tell me something about your...

Where are your problems?

看新闻 收新闻频道 或者 最好是找个英语口语不错的 来练习 我没时间 如果有的话倒是可以跟你长联络下 我口语还不差

同类对象的引用 reference to object in the same class 作用域运算符 scope operator 类体外 outside class (definition) 内联函数 inline function 对象名 object name 参数顺序 order of the parameters 多继承 multiple inheritance 二义性 ...

number是拉丁语numero 的缩写形式,第一个字母是N,最后一个字母是o,所以缩写成 No . 请采纳,谢谢

1.accurately怎么读? 这个可以查电子词典,或者牛津词典 2.有be covered by吗? 有。译为“被...覆盖” 3.rise by to inches 的by可以省略吗? 不可以.这里的by 表示到了某个程度. 4.rise over a long period of time中是rise over连在一起还是ov...

1.why don't you是一个固定搭配 等于why not 表示建议 后面加动词原形,表示时态变化时不体现在后面的动词上,时态是由前面的助动词don't来体现的,don't是一般现在时 2.how about和what about是一样的意思,跟上题的why don't一样,也是表示建...


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