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A. Lived, visited, gave, voted, smiled, replied, kept, thought, asked, answered, learned, studied 1. They work in the fields everyday although they are old. 2. She lived in the small hut happily with her husband although she wa...

III. 1, is, hardworking 2, Though, still 3, busy with 4, Did, do 5, didn’t he 6, How long

解答如下,答案没问题,检查了一遍,希望能帮到你: 1 circus; 2 princess; 3 altogether; 4 dream; 5 arrangement

八年级下上海分层作业答案 Eight grades in Shanghai layered homework answer

III 1、comfortable 2、happiness, health 3、disappeared 4、farmer 5、happily 6、study 7、wishes I 1、happily 2、Unluckily 3、disappeared 4、greedy, greedily 5、unhealthy, health 6、farmer, farm 7、playing 8、wishes


1C 2D 3D 4A 5C 6A 7C 8C 9B 10B 欢迎就我的以上回答进行追问! 若满意我的回答,请记得及时采纳哦

选择题 —Could you help with English? —No problem. A.me, my B.my, mine C.I, me 答案:A 2.Thank you your help. It’s very kind you. A.for, to B.for, of C.with, of 答案:B 填空 1.---What would you like to_______? ---- Well, a...


作业还是自己做比较好 你这样直接问答案网上是没有的 你可以把不会的在百度知道提问 或者问问同学 请采纳 谢谢


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