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A. Lived, visited, gave, voted, smiled, replied, kept, thought, asked, answered, learned, studied 1. They work in the fields everyday although they are old. 2. She lived in the small hut happily with her husband although she wa...

III. 1, is, hardworking 2, Though, still 3, busy with 4, Did, do 5, didn’t he 6, How long

解答如下,答案没问题,检查了一遍,希望能帮到你: 1 circus; 2 princess; 3 altogether; 4 dream; 5 arrangement


2.The nurse was competent and kind. 3.He read the book without remember what he had read. 4.We should not only put an eye on quantity but also the quality in production. 5.She lost her purse along with her job. She is good at c...

八年级下上海分层作业答案 Eight grades in Shanghai layered homework answer


he says that he will write a letter soon

如何有效地布置与批改英语作业 作业是学科教学的延伸和补充,是对单位时间内所学知识的复习与巩固,是教师用来检查教学效果、指导学生学习的教学手段之一。教师通过作业可以及时了解学生的学习状况,并据此调节、改善自己的教学。可是,不少初中...

选择题 1.—How about with me? —I’d like that, I have to go. A.cook, and B.cooking, but C.cooking, × 答案:B 2.I want buy some clothes my son. A.to, for B.×, for C.to, to 答案:A 根据句子意思,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单词...


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