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第四题是the end of

问题:涂色填字 答:红色,停停停 绿色,走走走

2 What are these rabbits doing ?

Across: boat、morning、thank、evening Down: good、April 第一跟横线田第一行冒号后面的,第二根横线填第二行冒号后面的。谢谢!


1. C. be desperate to do sth. 渴望做某事 句意:他渴望得到一份工作。 2.D. expect sth. of sb.期望某人...;达到(目标,要求,期期望等)。 句意:他的工作没有达到我们对他的期望。 3.B. soaring 猛然高涨的 句意:大多数工人已经感受到通货膨胀的...

题目要求是现在完成时或者过去式,一个guy用了will过去式,显然题目不读或者读不懂就做了。 2.has been cold recently 3.was cold last week 4.didn‘t read a newspaper yesterday 5.I haven’t read a newspaper today 6.Emily have earned a lo...

1 see 2 beach 3 prepare 4 does know 5 will travel 6 won"t go

My name is LiDaming,I am a student. There are five people in my family:father, mother, uncle, aunt,and I. My father is a worker. My mother is a doctor in the hospital.My uncle is a hotel manager.My aunt is an actress.I love my ...

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