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DearTom, My English Teacher Mr. Lee is thirty-six years old. He has a happy family. He doesn't smoke . He doesn't like do sport,too. He is outgoing and gets along well with hie students. He often helps us with our English.

You come here ,and I believe you will never leave. You leave,and I imaging that we have never been together. 记得采纳啊

Everyone needs friends.You will consult with your friends if there are problems that you cannot handle alone.Undoubtly,trust is the first step of making friends.Trusting in each is the foundation of the communication between yo...

I'm good at those cheating treats, though i can not deceive myself all the time. I agree that our food is nutritious and most of us have a balanced diet. But I still haven't given up the hope to find a way to speed up falling a...

你好,答案是 Will light module 500 times standard inserted, respectively in inserted 0 time, 100 times, 300 times, 500 times index test, respectively 若满意,请采纳,祝你开心快乐

这里有合适的人选了。 英语: 1) We have an adequate candidate already. 2) There has been an adequate candidate here.

狐狸眼的正确的格式应该是“the fox's eyes" . (要使用复数形式, 因为狐狸是有两只眼睛。 ) 例如, 约翰的眼睛 译为“John's eyes” 约翰的左眼 译为“John's left eye” 约翰的右眼 译为“John's right eye” 希望可以为你提供一点帮助!

译文: 1. XX县人民医院——People’s Hospital of XX(用汉语拼音即可,首字母大写) County [例如:People’s Hospital of Pinggu County] 2. 门诊病房综合楼 Building for Outpatient & Inpatinet Services 3. 急救中心 Emergency Center 这样就完...


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