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专项——句型转换 一、含有be动词的陈述句变一般疑问句和否定句 1 The student is at school. 2 The students are at school. 3 His father is an English teacher. 4 These cats are crying. 5 He is crying under the tree. 6 His birthday is o...

1Where can 2Can wear 3Don't talk 4be late for 5care for 6Don't listen 希望帮助你

如何做句型转换题呢?我们还是看看下面的例子吧。 一、肯定句变成否定句或一般疑问句时应注意的问题 把含有be动词、助动词和情态动词的句子改为否定句时,只须在这些动词后加not; 如果要求把此类句子变成一般疑问句,则须将be动词、助动词和情...

我们老师天天给我们总结这个,超好的,我听的懂,给你发过来,你按照这个句型可以自己转换。对了我是分单元给你打的每个单元 不一样,重复的也许有。从正式篇开使。2单元肯定句:This is That is a/an (物主代词)Yes ,it is ,(在简略的肯定回...


1.What time does 2.Do you 3.How do 4.How often does 5.How long 6.isn't writing 7.How many 8.What do 9.Which, do you 10.What day

1 Does know

1no, he isn't

3 Does Sandy like bananas or oranges ? 4 may be 5 as old as 6 What else 7 seems , is 8 by yourself 9 doesn't work 10 How interesting the story 1 与2 对


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